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QH LAN #3 (internal page)

Timeschedule (click on tournament for info/sign up):

  • QuakeWorld 2on2 (begins at Friday 02:00!!)
  • Counter-Strike 2on2 (begins at Friday 15:00!!)
  • QuakeWorld 1on1 (begins at Friday 19:00!!)
  • QuakeWorld 4on4 (begins at Saturday 14:00!!)
  • Wrestling Tournament 1on1 (begins at Saturday 20:00!!)

    QuakeWorld 2on2
      1. Slackers
      2. hellfire
      3. ...

    Griffin came out victorius in the 1on1 final. Congratulations!
    All the demos can be found at demo.qhlan.org

    QuakeWorld 1on1: Griffin & Dag will play the 1on1 final at 00:00. Join those qizmos!! :)
    (qizmo1.qhlan.org:28000-28001, qizmo2.qhlan.org:28000-28001)

    Ok.. Slackers and hellfire played in the 2on2 final where Slackers came out victorius.
    tVS is playing mortit to decide third place.
    QW1on1 goes on quite slow.. GET ON WITH IT! :)

    QuakeWorld 1on1 bracket is up!! You can start playing your matches!

    STOP playing 2on2 groupgames.. see bracket on 2on2 page. Play finals!!

    BW1on1 canceled!